Global Book Sales works with a number of independent publishers, both from the UK and overseas, across a range of different publishing genres.

Clarus Press

Clearview Books

Clickety Books

Danann Books (USA and Canada only)

Darf Publishers

Fairfield Books

Fentum Press

Flipped Eye Publishing

Fonthill Media

Gibson Square Books


GOST Books

John Beaufoy Publishing

John Wilkes Publishing

Karnac Books –

Little Toller Books (USA & Canada only)

MHW Publications

Momentum Publishing Company

New Heroes & Pioneers

Oxford Brookes University

PCCS Books (USA and Canada only)

Pinter & Martin

Red Planet Books (USA and Canada Only)

Rethink Press

Sacred Bones Books

September Publishing (USA & Canada only)

TAOC (The Art of Conversation)

The Buddhist Society

The Do Book Company (USA & Canada only)

Time Tokens

Tramp Press (USA & Canada only)

Verlag Militaria


Zeughaus Verlag